What is The Mega Pool?

The Mega Pool is a free, multi-sport pool competition combining your points across our entire pool lineup. Win credits that may be redeemed for sport, concert and theater tickets! All while earning preferred SecondTicket status.

How to Win Tickets and Save Money on Live Entertainment

Pick any of four prop bets correctly, or make an accurate Super Bowl score prediction, to win tickets.
Finish among the top 25% of any round, or make accurate Final Four score predictions, to win tickets.
Pick four All-Stars and predict the game's total runs, hits and errors to score free tickets.
Predict the Monday night game's final score to win tickets!   

Earn Preferred SecondTicket Customer Status

  • Enhanced assistance in finding the perfect seats
  • Value judgments to make smarter ticket buying decisions
  • Expedited order verification and ticket delivery
  • Special ticket announcements and flash sales

Free and Legal Online Games

The Mega Pool combines your love of office pools and fantasy sports with your passion for attending live events. Save money on live entertainment by playing any free Mega Pool contest.

All fans ages 18+ are invited to play with no obligation to buy tickets, no credit card required to create an account, and no risk of losing money.

Casual fans love The Mega Pool because it's free and approximately 80% of participating fans win awards.

Serious fans love it because it tests your instincts across multiple sports, features compelling statistical challenges, and is a better reflection of your gaming ability than single sport fantasy leagues and pools.