Free MLB All-Star Game pool to win tickets and cash

How Our Baseball All-Star Game Pool Works


Pick four batters in the MLB All-Star Game who you think will have the best game and predict the total number of runs, hits and errors (RHE). Points and tickets are awarded for production in several offensive categories and a bonus multiplier is added to your points based on the difference between your predicted and the actual RHE. Score even more free tickets if one of your players hits a grand slam.

Official Pool Rules   Ticket Credit Descriptions and Terms

Scoring & Prize Schedule

First Prize is $100-250 to the fan with the most total points. The exact amount will be equal to $1.5 per participating fan, with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $250. First tiebreaker is the closest RHE prediction; second tiebreaker is highest scoring player; third tiebreaker is the higher scoring lowest scoring player.

Second Prize are a variable number of ticket credits that will be awarded according to the schedule below.

Total points are the sum of your Basic and Bonus points.

Basic Points are awarded according to your players' offensive production in Standard and Bonus Innings. Standard Innings  are the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and any extra innings, if applicable. Bonus Innings are the 2nd and 8th.

Standard Innings
Bonus Innings
Points Credits Points Credits
Strikeout -1 $0 -2 $0
Double Play -2 $0 -4 $0
Walk 1 $0 2 $1
Stolen Base 2 $0 4 $1
Runs 5 $1 10 $2
RBI 5 $1 10 $2
Single 10 $1 20 $2
Double 20 $2 40 $4
Triple 30 $3 60 $6
HR 50 $5 100 $10
Grand Slam 100 $10 200 $50

Bonus Points are calculated as a percentage of your Basic Points and are determined by the differential between your RHE prediction and the actual RHE.

  • Differential of 0 (exact match) = 50% bonus
  • Differential of 1 = 42.5% bonus
  • Differential of 2 = 37.5% bonus
  • Differential of 5 = 20% bonus
  • Differential of 10 = 10% bonus
  • Differential of 30 = 3.3% bonus
  • Etc.


  • 10 Basic Points with RHE differential of 0 = 5 Bonus Points
  • 100 Basic Points with RHE differential of 0 = 50 Bonus Points
  • 10 Basic Points with RHE differential of 10 = 1 Bonus Point
  • 100 Basic Points with RHE differential of 10 = 10 Bonus Points


Only the maximum applicable prize(s) will be awarded.  For example, if a player hits a bonus inning grand slam, only the $50 credit is awarded; all other credits are erased. Similarly, if a player hits a standard inning grand slam, only the 100 points and $10 credit for a grand slam are awarded; the 50 points and $5 for a home run are not awarded. All player selections and tiebreaker scores will be posted after the deadline and before the game begins.
This page is a general overview based on the most recent year's award and point configurations. Values are subject to change in future years.