Free College Basketball Bracket Challenge

The 2017 Pool is Over

2018 brackets accepted March 12-15, 2018


How to Play

  • Submit a bracket before the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament begins
  • After the last four teams are set, predict the score of the last three games, even if you did not pick those teams to get there. 35% of pool points are available through score predictions, so your bracket is never busted!
  • Free to play, ages 18+. No purchase required.
  • Complete Details

What You Can Win

  • Top 25% of fans in rounds 1-4, and any score prediction within 4 points, earn credits for up to 20% off sport, concert and theater tickets
  • Pool champion wins up to $500 in free tickets
  • Five fans play for $5,000 by picking the final score of the championship game
  • Points count toward The 2017 Mega Pool, with separate $500-$1,000 grand prize

Odds of Winning Ticket Credits:

  • Correctly pick at least 23 Round 1 games: 96%
  • Correctly pick at least 9 correct Round 2 games: 94%
  • Correctly pick at least 4 correct Round 3 games: 92%
  • Correctly pick at least 4 Final Four team: 87%
  • Correctly pick at least 5 Final Four teams: 100%
  • Despite picking neither of the championship teams: 80%
  • Despite not picking the correct champion: 84%

2017 Leaderboard (click for full)


Fan Name & RankPointsWon
tstuckrath (1)291.3$223
Chilln4425 (2)243.4$13
Heard (3)237.5$13
johil (4)222.9$16
dustyrol (5)212$18
scalptaker (6)199.2$7
cathil (7)193.3$3
Kenny Powers (8)191.9$10
cavalier (9)184.4$7
iJustin007 (10)183.1$12

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