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Monday Night Ticket Score Finalist Wins $1,000 With Exact Super Bowl Score Prediction

A huge congratulations goes out to SecondTicket fan Lalarayneman, who won $1,000 as a finalist in the 2016 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) by correctly predicting the final score in New England's 34-28 defeat of Atlanta in Super Bowl 51.

She was one of 20 MNTS particpants who earned a chance to play for $10,000 during the big game. MNTS fans earn those berths in a few different ways. Fans who win a week automatically qualify; the season champion also qualifies if he or she did not win a week, as do quarterly winners up to a total of 20 fans. Beyond that, if any spots remain, they go to fans with the best individual week predictions who tied for the weekly victory but lost by virtue of the earlier submission tiebreaker. This season, three quarterly winners won a week, which left two remaining spots open - and that's how Lalarayneman snuck into the group. She tied for the best week 15 prediction.

If any of those fans could predict the halftime and final score of the Super Bowl, they'd win $10,000. A final score only prediction won $1,000, and halftime only was good for $100. Her halftime score prediction of Atlanta 17, New England 14 did not come in, but she foresaw the New England comeback and nailed the 34-28 final score.

The 2017 Monday Night Ticket Score begins in September, and we'll begin accepting week 1 predictions in late August.

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