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Preview of the 2017 Monday Night Ticket Score

The 2017 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) is now open! Football fans and live event lovers will love it: Predict the Monday night game's final score to grab your share of free tickets on our unique marketplace and have a shot at Big Money. How big? $10,000 Big.

If You've Never Played Before
You don't have to be a football guru or fantasy sports expert to play and win. In the 10 year history of the pool, there have been 10 different season champions, 33 quarterly winners (out of a possible 40) and 113 weekly winners (out of a possible 160).

It is helpful to know which team is favored to win, so we provide that information and encourage you to use our interactive tool showing the win and cover percentages of teams in comparable NFL games since 2006. The pool is also structured to incentivize upset picks and infrequent NFL scores, so sometimes crazy predictions do very well.

Ultimately, the odds of correctly picking one team's score are about 16-to-1. Of the 26,000+ individual team score predictions submitted by fans since 2006, they have correctly picked a score 5.8% of the time.

What Can You Win?
The season winner scores up to $500 in free tickets, quarterly winners score up to $50, each weekly winner scores $5, and the top 35% each week receive credits for up to 20% off tickets. Plus, 10 fans will emerge from the 2017 MNTS to play for $10,000 during the 2018 Super Bowl, and one of those finalists from the 2016 MNTS won $1,000

For complete details, visit How The Pool Works.

What Fans Are Saying About SecondTicket's Mega Pool
"I am new to the site and fairly new to playing pools. When I came across SecondTicket, I thought it was an incredible concept - definitely not your typical ticket marketplace. Being able to pursue a growing interest in sports pools AND apply potential future winnings toward the cost of tickets was great since I love going to events!" - fan bellabane, who won $210 in tickets as the champion of the 2017 All-Star Ticket Slam

"I had a bunch of fun playing the free contests and putting my winnings toward REAL tickets!" - fan KarlCooke, who won the 2016 Monday Night Ticket Score and $341 in tickets

If You've Played Before - What's New in 2017
We made some minor adjustments based on your feedback. The biggest is that the $5 to the weekly winner is now the more valuable Mega credit, rather than a Performance credit. So you win even more for winning a week. 

There are no changes to Differential or Match Points, but there IS a change to the Winning Team Multiplier. Here's how those work:

Differential Points - The Gap Between Your Score Prediction and a Team's Final Score 
These are the basic points in the pool. If you correctly predict a team to score 21 points, your differential is 0 and you receive 25 points. If the team scores 40 points, your differential is 19 and you receive 0.3 points.

Match Points - Points For Exact Score Predictions, Weighted by Difficulty
These encourage fans to take risks. Based on final NFL scores since 2006, we've established a scale of Match points that aligns with a score's actual frequency. 21 points is a common score worth 1.9 point Match points. 29 points is a less frequent NFL score and is worth 6.8 Match points.

But picking games isn't just about picking scores. Picking the winning team also matters. If you pick the winning team, a multiplier is applied to the sum of your Differential and Match points. 

The Second Change in 2017 - How The Winning Team Multipiler Affects Your Point Total
The multiplier is the number of total fans in a week divided by the number of fans who pick each team to win.

For example, if 90 of 100 fans pick Team A and Team A wins, the multiplier is 1.11x (100/90). If you have a sum of 30 Differential and Match points, you'd have 33.3 points.

If you pick the upset and Team B wins, the multiplier is much higher. In 2016, 100/10 would have produced a 10x multiplier. Based on your feedback, we're capping it at 5x in 2017. So 30 Differential and Match points would become 150 points.

This enables you to post significant weekly points but not enough to effectively win the pool championship with a single prediction. In 2016, there were two weeks with multipliers greater than 5x. Most notably, the week 8 multiplier was 10.77 when only 13 of 140 fans picked the Chicago Bears' upset of the Minnesota Vikings. Weekly winner Capricorn123 parlayed the multiplier into 311 pool points; the pool champion, KarlCooke, only totaled 377.2 over the entire season! This year, Capricorn123 would receive 144.5. The other instance occurred in week 5, when the 5.07 multiplier produced 266 points for Lexibabyy03.

So while the multiplier is probably not enough to clinch you the season championship, it is enough to put you in dominant position to win the quarter, the season, possibly the 2017 The Mega Pool, AND to be one of the (10) fans who will play for $10,000 in February.

The Third Change in 2017
Winning the season or a quarter, or posting a high weekly point total, matters more now because they are the only ways to guarantee a spot among the fans who will play for $10,000 during the Super Bowl. Previously, all weekly winners qualified, but we're reducing the number of First Prize berths from (20) to (10). Depending on how many fans win a quarter and the season, which could be as few as one or as many as five, the remaining berths will go to the fans with the highest scoring, individual week-winning point totals. Posting a high scoring total such as 144.5, Capricorn123's adjusted score, would have qualified her in 2016.

That's why the $5 weekly winner prize is now a Mega Credit - to make the low scoring weekly victories more valuable. The overall prize structure is otherwise the same.

The MNTS is also the final contest in the 2017 Mega Pool, which features its own $500-1,000 prize.

So jump in the pool! If you haven't already made your prediction of the next Monday night game, play now! If you're on Twitter, follow @TheMegaPool for pool updates, tips and reminders or @SecondTicket for ticket news, information and basic pool announcements.

Good luck!

2017 Mega Pool Leaderboard


Fan Name & RankPointsWon
gina5091 (1)614.9$33
cathil (2)580.1$36
Kenny Powers (3)577.2$50
SPORTSNUT (4)539.9$40
BADDGUY (5)524.8$70
alec0324 (6)519.6$41
idgal (7)508.7$36
Huber (8)507.5$39
KarlCooke (9)498.9$37
Brannan (10)497.3$44

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