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Fans Danieljdesign and JTTrout the Big Winners in Week 12 of Monday Night Ticket Score

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans 23-16 on Monday night, making big winners of two SecondTicket fans in Week 12 of the 2017 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS).

Congratulations to fan Danieljdesign, who notched his first career weekly win in 41 tries with a 24-16 prediction that was the best of the night. He wins the $5 Mega credit that may be applied toward any tickets in our marketplace. He was the only fan to correctly predict Houston's final point total, while nine fans foresaw Baltimore's 23 point output. All nine finished in the top 35% of fans. His 45.1 points is just the eighth highest weekly winning score of the season, so it won't earn him a berth among the 10 fans who will play for $10,000 during the Super Bowl.

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Q3, Overall Standings and $10,000 Qualifiers
The second big winner was Q3 victor Jttrout, who wins $20 in free tickets and did secure one of those $10,000 berths. He entered Week 12 in 3rd place and captured the quarterly win despite finishing 43rd. Previous leader and second place fans Daddy Rick and redskinsrule picked bad times to have bad weeks, finishing 79th and 67th, respectively.

Q3 was the 28th most difficult quarter in the 43 quarter history of the pool, and Jttrout's quarterly win counts as much as any other, but it ranks toward the bottom all-time of quarterly winner performances. Only 25% of quarterly winners have exactly matched only one of eight scores and only 35% have been within 0-1 points on two of eight. His maximum differential of 18 points, in Week 10, is in the top half of the highest single-week differentials posted by a quarterly winner.

The new overall leader is Daddy Rick.

Mega Pool Impact
After a long time unchallenged at the top, Kenny Powers' lead in the 2017 Mega Pool is under attack. Fan cathil rode a strong second place Week 12 MNTS finish to take second place in The Mega Pool, just 11.5 points out of the top spot. Fan Ginsburg18605 is only 29.4 points behind.

How Does it Compare to Other Games?
Based on combined median (4.0) and average (5.1) prediction differentials, this was the fourth easiest game to predict in the 2017 pool.

Fans' average score predictions were Baltimore 25.9, Houston 18.2 for a gap of 7.7 points, nearly exactly mirroring the game's 7.5 point spread.

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Actual NFL Score Frequencies
16 (13th most common); 23 (7th most common)

Q4 begins next week, so make your week 13 score prediction now!