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Big Monday Night Upset Makes Big Week 14 Winners of Two Fans With Near Perfect Predictions

Two long time SecondTicket fans nearly picked the exact score of the Miami Dolphins' 27-20 upset of the New England Patriots in Week 14 of the 2017 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS). Only one of them would win the week and clinch a $10,000 berth, but the other one is the new overall pool leader.

The Week 14 winner is 1COWBOYS, whose 27-17 prediction was thismuch better than gina5091's 24-20 prediction. Each fan correctly matched one score and was three points off the other, but the difference lies in the match point bonus attached to each final score that is designed to encourage uncommong score predictions. 27 is a slightly less common final score than 20, so the bonus is slightly higher - 1.1 points, as opposed to 0.9. 1COWBOYS wins the $5 Mega credit and, with a 160.5 point week thanks to the underdog bonus multiplier, is now the holder of the highest single week winning point total (and one that will definitely finish in the top five). She guarantees herself a berth among the 10 fans who will play for $10,000 during the Super Bowl. It's 1COWBOYS' 2nd career weekly win in 136 tries.

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Q4 and Overall Standings
But don't feel bad for gina5091, who was also among the 12% of fans who picked the Week 14 upset and benefits from the massive multiplier - in this case, 5x - to take both the Q4 and overall leads. 1COWBOYS now sits 2nd in each race, while previous pool leader Daddy Rick falls to 4th. Pingouin also jumps back up to 3rd place overall.

Mega Pool Impact
Perhaps most significantly, gina5091 has now taken the top spot in the 2017 Mega Pool. With two weeks to go, her 34.8 point lead over cathil is comfortable but not safe in the race for the $500-1,000 cash prize.

How Does it Compare to Other Games?
Based on combined median (10.0) and average (9.8) prediction differentials, this was the second hardest game of the 2017 pool and is among the top 30% of the most difficult all-time.

Fans' average score predictions were New England 29.6, Miami 18.3 for a gap of 11.3 points. The game's spread ended  up at 10.5.

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Actual NFL Score Frequencies
20 (2nd most common); 27 (4th most common)

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