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Two Fans Predict Winning Score as Fans Win $64 in Week 15 of Monday Night Ticket Score

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-21 in week 15 of Monday Night Football, and two SecondTicket fans predicted the exact final score of the penultimate week in the 2017 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS).

The Week 15 winner is dirty024, who wins the week over runner-up Vinyltop by virtue of the earlier submission tiebreaker. He scores the $5 Mega credit and potentially scored high enough to earn a berth among the 10 fans who will play for $10,000 during the Super Bowl. His 62 points is the 6th highest weekly winning score of the season; the top five are guaranteed berths.

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For dirty024, this puts him in rare company, joining nine other fans with exactly four wins while only four fans - lippesq, ckmendelsjulesschneider and kc2t82907 - have won five or more. His win rate of 5.4% is 3rd highest all-time among fans who've played at least 70 times, behind only kc2t82907 and lippesq, and he's 8th all-time in top 35% finishes among the same subset of fans. For his part, it would have been Vinyltop's second career weekly win.

Q4 and Overall Standings
There's no change among the top three on the season leader board as gina5091 maintains a 19.1 point lead over 1COWBOYS and a 20.8 point lead over Pingouin. With one week remaining, the pool of fans who still have a mathematical chance to capture the season championship extends to the 15-20 fans within about 150 points of the top spot. The winner is most likely to come from one of the top three or four fans.

1COWBOYS maintains the Q4 lead over gina5091, which is significant because quarterly winners receive a minimum $20 Mega credit AND are guaranteed a $10,000 berth.

Mega Pool Impact
gina5091 also extends her lead in the 2017 Mega Pool, to 41.8 (up from 34.8) over new second place fan Kenny Powers. Similarly, there are 15-20 fans within approximately 150 points of the lead in that race for the $500-$1,000 Mega Pool prize.

How Does it Compare to Other Games?
Based on combined median (4.0) and average (4.2) prediction differentials, this was the third easiest game of the 2017 pool and the 8th easiest in the 179 game history of the pool.

The combined number of 25 fans who matched one or two scores is the 5th highest rate (31%) all time. Fans won a total of $64 in ticket credits.

Fans' average score predictions were Atlanta 27.3, Tampa Bay 20.4, for a gap of 6.9 points. The game's spread was 6.5.

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Actual NFL Score Frequencies
24 (3rd most common); 21 (12th most common)

Two Important Notes
Next week is the pool's final week, and it's on Christmas night. We encourage all fans to make their week 16 score prediction as soon as possible, to give yourself the best chance to win and avoid the holiday rush. We will post the picks at the start of the game, then update them periodically throughout and at the game's conclusion. The weekly recap (and email) will be available a little later than usual, sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday, December 26th. Thank you for your understanding.

Good luck next week, and Happy Holidays!