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Week 16, Q4, and Season Champions Crowned in our Free Monday Night Pool

The 2017 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) concluded with fans winning $1,364 in tickets and a long-time SecondTicket fan capturing her first ever pool championship.

First we congratulate the week 16 winner, lasmith2005, who posted her second career weekly win in 47 tries with a 21-10 prediction of the Philadelphia Eagles' 19-10 win over the Oakland Raiders. She was one of only three fans who matched either team's score and receives the weekly winner's $5 Mega credit.

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Q4 and Season Standings
The Q4 and season winners rode the same formula to their success. They not only predicted the biggest upset of the Monday night season (Miami over New England in week 15), but they also exactly matched one of those teams' final scores. Correctly picking the winning team in any week produces a multiplier of your base points that is linked to the percentage of fans who actually pick the winning team. This rewards fans who take take risks, and the riskier your pick, the higher the multiplier. For that game, the multiplier was the maximum permitted of 5x.

The Q4 winner, then, is 9th year pool participant 1COWBOYS, who posted the highest quarterly score of the 2017 pool at 197.3 and takes home the $20 Mega credit.

The 2017 pool champion is 10th year fan gina5091, who wins the Grand Prize of a $220 Mega credit that is valid toward any sport, concert or theater tickets in our unique marketplace. She's the fourth pool champion, and second consecutive, to win the season without having won a week. She's the sixth pool champion to do so without winning a quarter, although she and three others did post a 2nd place quarterly finish.

Quarterly winners and the season champion are also guaranteed one of the 10 First Prize berths.

First Prize Berths: The 10 Fans Who Will Play For $10,000
The eight other fans who will join gina5091 and 1COWBOYS and play for $10,000 during the Super Bowl include the other quarterly winners (katezaid07, BADDGUY and JTtrout) and the five weekly winners with the highest single-week scores who did not win a quarter or the season (jredd1970, pingouin, dbpetrel02, Dirty024 and lippesq). The complete list is available on the Monday Night Ticket Score home page.

How Does it Compare to Other Games?
Based on combined median (10.0) and average (10.2) prediction differentials, this was the second most difficult game of the 2017 pool and the 51st most difficult in the 180 game history of the pool. Fans won a total of $51 in ticket credits.

Fans' average score predictions were Philadelphia 29, Oakland 20, for a gap of 9 points. The game's final spread was 10.

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Actual NFL Score Frequencies
19 (17th most common); 10 (6th most common)

Congratulations to everybody who won tickets in this year's pool! We will be in touch with the 10 First Prize finalists via email.

We'll be announcing the 2017 Mega Pool champion separately, so keep an eye on the Mega Pool News Feed. Also in few days we'll invite you to take our pool survey, as your feedback is tremendously important in helping us continue improving your pool and ticket experience.

Thank you for playing, and Happy Holidays!