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Announcing the 2017 Mega Pool Champion and Previewing the 2018 Mega Pool

The 2017 Mega Pool went down to the final week of the football season before 10th year SecondTicket fan gina5091 eked out the narrowest victory in its three year history to score the $500 cash prize and be SecondTicket's 2017 Fan Of The Year.

Fans won more than $4,500 worth of free sport, concert and theater tickets from SecondTicket as a result of their participation in The 2017 Mega Pool and, specifically, the four pools that make up the unique, year-long competition.

2017 Mega Pool Review & Champion
Gina5091 finished 12th in the WayCool Super Ticket Pool (WCSTP), 96th in the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam (BCTJ) and 25th in the All-Star Ticket Slam (ASTS). But she made her big move late, with a near perfect upset pick in week 14 of the Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) that vaulted her to the top of that pool's leaderboard. She would hold on through weeks 15 and 16, holding off cathil and Kenny Powers, who had led since the end of the ASTS, to win the MNTS.

A resident of south Florida, gina5091 is a Florida Gators alum and Miami Dolphins fan. "I'm thankful I picked with my heart when I opted to go with the Dolphins over the Patriots," she said, in reference to her big upset pick. "I always root for my home teams, regardless of their record, and sometimes I believe they can pull off the upset!"

Gina5091 is a regular at live concerts, too, checking off Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney in 2017 and looking forward to Taylor Swift and possibly Justin Timberlake this year.

"Thank you for hosting these fun contests! I'll be sure to keep telling people about them!"

What's New in the 2018 Mega Pool
We are focusing the award structure on what you want most: free tickets. How are we doing that? Two ways.

First, we're eliminating the minimum purchase requirement on credits, so now they're as good as cash instead of being valid for up to 20% off. If you have unredeemed credits from the 2017 ASTS and MNTS, this applies to them too.

We're also enabling more ticket winning by replacing insured cash prizes with bonus Mega credits and, in some cases, enabling more fans to have an opportunity to win them. For example, in the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam, only five fans could win $5,000 by predicting the exact score of college basketball's championship game. This year, any fan in the pool who correctly predicts the final score wins a $50 Mega Credit bonus.

We're also adding Bonus Prizes to every pool for fans with eligible Mega Pool partner accounts. For example, in the upcoming WayCool Super Ticket Pool, the top five fans will also qualify for (10) bonus Firefan tokens. For complete details, see our new Partner Offers page.

Mega Pool Grand Prize
Once again, the final amount of the Mega Pool grand prize will be tied to overall participation. This year's maximum value will be between $250 and $500. For complete details, please visit the Mega Pool's How It Works page.

We always welcome your feedback, so please call or email anytime.

As always, The WayCool Super Ticket Pool is the first contest in The Mega Pool, but this year is different because it is NOT limited to the first 400 fans. You'll receive an email invitation to play after the AFC and NFC Championship Games this weekend.

Congratulations to gina5091 and all of our 2017 winners, and we hope to see you in the pool in 2018!