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Your Bracket's Not Busted: Final Weekend Preview in the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam

As we head into the final weekend of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, 100% of participating fans are mathematically alive in the race for the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam's First Prize of $114 in free tickets. How is that possible?

Your chances of winning are not exclusively dependent on picking the best bracket. Approximately 30% of pool points are available through score predictions of the last three games. Up to 150 score prediction points are available during the Final Four (plus up to 70 game prediction points, which we'll get to in a minute). Over the past three years, the median total of score prediction points earned by fans is 24, and the maximum any fan has earned is 100 (by fan tstuckrath, the 2017 pool champion).

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In most years, about 10% of fans are mathematically eliminated by now, but the frequency of early round upsets this year resulted in lower point totals through the first four rounds. So more fans are within reach of the lead.

Heading into this weekend's Loyola/Michigan and Villanova/Kansas games, fans can either record 0, 20, 50 or 70 additional game prediction points depending on whether they have their champion and runner-up still alive. Three fans have both, 31 have only their champion, 33 have their only runner-up and 47 have neither.

Pool leader becleehey's current point total is 137.3. She and two other fans, McAdams_Fan in 2nd place and andyrunner88 in 16th, have both their champion and runner-up still alive. They are obviously in the driver's seat, but there are plenty of scenarios in which one or both of their teams don't win and/or they don't hit on their score predictions and don't end up winning. Even the fan currently in last place could hit a proverbial last-second hail mary full court shot and end up with a total of 196.5 points. And that might be enough to win.

And as if you needed any more reason to make score predictions of Monday's championship game, this year we've modified the pool so that ALL fans are eligible for a $50 free ticket bonus by correctly predicting the championship game score.

So click here to make your score predictions of Saturday's games, and return on Sunday or Monday to predict the championship game. Good luck!