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2nd Year SecondTicket Fan Wins $114 in Free Tickets in the 2018 Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam

Villanova and SecondTicket fan andyrunner88 were the big winners on Monday night as the Wildcats defeated the University of Michigan 79-62 to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

The 2018 champion of the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam is andyrunner88, of Ohio. Going into last night's game and depending on his score predictions, a Villanova victory would have given him at least 208.5 points. He posted 12 score prediction points for a total of 220.5. The only three fans who could have beaten that score by correctly predicting both teams' scores were seanbeeeee, RRookstool and BADDGUY, but none of them posted more than seven points.

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Andyrunner88 scores the $114 First Prize as fans won a total of $453 in free tickets. All fans were eligible for a $50 bonus by correctly predicting last night's exact final score. Five fans correctly predicted Villanova with 79, but no fans put Michigan on 62.

Andyrunner88 also jumps to 3rd place in the 2018 Mega Pool, behind long-time SecondTicket fans becleehey (the new leader) and Rozman. The Mega Pool features a separate $250-500 prize.

Thank you for playing! The Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam and each of the other contests which compose The Mega Pool help us drive down the cost of live entertainment down for all fans. The next contest is the All-Star Ticket Slam in July, so hopefully we'll see you there!