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Record Number of Free Tickets Awarded in 2018 All-Star Ticket Slam

A record number of MLB All-Star Game home runs produced a record number of free tickets awarded in the 11th annual All-Star Ticket Slam (ASTS).

Congratulations to SecondTicket fan hanna, who wins the $141 First Prize in her 8th All-Star Ticket Slam. She won an additional $43 during the pool, for a total haul of $184 in free tickets.

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How Hanna Won The Baseball Pool
Aaron Judge and Mike Trout homered early for the American League, and until about the 7th inning it appeared that the pool winner would come from the 28% of fans who picked one of those players.

But then things got crazy, especially in the double-points 8th inning.

When Jean Segura hit a 3-run homer in the top of the 8th, the pool winner appeared overwhelmingly likely to come from the 6% of fans who'd picked the Mariners' shortstop as their AL reserve. And in the driver's seat among those fans was Hanna, who had also picked Judge - so she had TWO players who homered in a double-points inning. (Judge's came in the 2nd inning.)

But then, when the Brewers' Christian Yelich homered in the bottom of the 8th, things looked good for Towboy73, who now also had two home runs in double-points innings and a better third player (the Cubs' Javier Baez) than Hanna.

But then... Scooter Gennett's game tying home run in the 9th inning changed a lot of things. First of all, HALF of the fans who'd picked Segura had also picked Gennett, which is unusual. But more importantly, it dramatically changed the game's total number of runs/hits/errors (RHE). Those matter because a multiplier is applied to your player points based on the accuracy of your RHE prediction. About 15% of the pool had RHE predictions between 30-35, and suddently those were all in play.

When George Springer and Alex Bregman homered in the top of the 10th for the American League, fans kkoinis and lalarayneman were in good position to win First Prize, but Joey Votto's otherwise inconsequential home run in the bottom of the 10th was HUGELY consequential in the pool because it lifted Hanna to victory. She finished with the most basic points and 2nd highest bonus points, behind kkoinis.

In all, 89% of participating fans won a total of $1,189 toward sport, concert or theater tickets. The median award was $11, which is an all-time pool record.

How the All-Star Ticket Slam Affected The 2018 Mega Pool
Hanna also takes the overall lead in the The 2018 Mega Pool, which comes with its own $250-500 cash prize. So many points were awarded, in fact, that the top four fans in the Mega Pool all finished in the top 10 of the All-Star Ticket Slam. Previous leader becleehey falls to 5th place - and yet, her 124.6 points would have WON the 2017 All-Star Ticket Slam. The next chance to post Mega Pool points is in September, with the 2018 Monday Night Ticket Score.

What's the Deal With the Credits You Won?
Credits are valid immediately toward any tickets on our site and are good through January, 2018.

We hope you enjoyed our midsummer classic baseball pool. Your participation helps us reduce the cost of live entertainment for fans like yourself. Thank you for playing!