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6th Year Fan Notches First Career Win as Fans Win $70 in Week 2 of Monday Night Ticket Score

Four fans predicted the exact final score of the Chicago Bears' 24-17 win over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 of Monday Night Football, only the second time in the 182 week history of the Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) that's been done.

The weekly winner, on the basis of the earliest submission tiebreaker, is 6th year pool fan jkulaga23. By making his prediction earlier than Dread Pirate Dave, Big D, and pamwynn, he scores the $5 Mega credit and could become one of 10 fans to play for $10,000 in February.

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It's the first weekly win for jkulaga23 in his 77th attempt. Of the 60 fans who've played at least that often, 20% have still never won a week in the pool. It may just have been bad luck that jkulaga23's never won a week, because his score prediction match rate of 7.1% compares favorably to the 6% overall number.

A total of 39% of all score predictions matched at least one team's score, which is the 4th highest percentage in the history of the pool. The all-time highest was Week 7 of 2009, when an incredible 49% of fan predictions matched at least one score of Philadelphia's 27-17 win over Washington. Five fans matched both scores of that game, the only other time there have been at least four exact predictions.

Fans won a total of $70 in ticket credits with average score predictions of Chicago 22.6, Seattle 21.4. That 1.2 point gap was considerably less than the game's final 5-point spread.

How Does it Compare to Other Games, and Actual NFL Score Frequencies
Based on combined median (4.0) and average (4.9) prediction differentials, this was the 13th easiest game in pool history. 17 is the 2nd most common score in the NFL since 2006, and 24 is 3rd most common. According to this cool site called Scorigami, 24-17 is the 5th most common final score combination in NFL history; this was the 159th such time that happened.

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