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Week 12 and Q3 Winners Crowned as Fans Win $81 in Free Tickets in Free Football Pool

One fan predicted the exact final score of the Houston Texans' 34-17 win over the Tennessee Titans and another scored just well enough to capture the Q3 title in Week 12 of the 2018 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS).

Congratulations to McAdams_Fan, a 4th year pool participant who exactly matched the 34-17 outcome. It's his second career weekly win in 55 tries, the 9th best all-time rate among fans who've played at least as often. He scores the $5 Mega credit and his 62 point night is the 5th best winning total of the season, putting him on the fence for one of the guaranteed $10,000 berths.

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His prediction ends a nine week drought in which no fans correctly predicted both team scores. The longest such streak is 10 weeks, running from Week 9 of 2012 to Week 2 of 2013.

Meanwhile, 29% of fans correctly predicted at least one team score. That's the 10th highest percentage in the 192 weeks of the pool.

Fans won a total of $81 in credits valid toward any tickets in our marketplace, led by Q3 winner and third year pool particpant redskinsrule. He scores the $16.90 Mega credit with his first quarterly victory, finishing just 67th this week - but that was just good enough to hold off Q3 runner-up lasmith2005. Redskinsrule is the first quarterly winner in 2018 to not have won a week in the quarter, but he did finish in the top 10 twice. Historically, 57% of quarterly winners win a week.

Redskinsrule also becomes the second consecutive quarterly winner - but only the 6th ever, out of 47 - not to exactly match at least one score during the quarter.

Overall, redskinsrule drops to third place and jredd1970 rises from second place to replace him at the top of the leaderboard. McAdams_Fan jumps from 48th to 25th

How it Compares to Other Games
According to Scorigami, this was the 59th game in NFL history that ended with the score of 34-17. Since 2006, 34 is the 10th most frequent NFL score and 17 is second. With median and average score prediction differentials of 6 and 6.5, this game is in the top third of the most reliable outcomes in the 192 game history of the pool.

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Q4 begins next week and all fans begin with zero quarterly points, so make your Week 13 prediction now!