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No Scorigami, No Problem! Fans Win $60 in Tickets in Week 14 of Monday Night Ticket Score

The Seattle Seahawks did not record an NFL Scorigami, but fans won another $60 worth of free tickets in the 2018 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) thanks to the Hawks' 21-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

As we wrote last week, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks have accomplished one of the most statistically improbable but otherwise irrelevant things in NFL history, recording one Scorigami per season for nine consecutive years.

Their 21-7 win over the Vikings, though, was pure NFL scoring vanilla. The NFL's 82nd all-time game ending in that score suits Week 14 winner tipsword just fine, making his 21-17 prediction the best of the week. The $5 Mega credit valid toward any tickets on our site counts just the same, although the winning point total of 38.9 will not be enough to guarantee him a $10,000 berth.

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The win is tipsword's second in 74 career tries, for a 2.7% rate that is 13th best all time among fans with a minimum of 74 weeks. His 37.84% rate of finishing in the top 35% is 16th best all time.

For the second consecutive week, there was no change in top three of the season leaderboard. The big mover in the top 10 was sonyawc, who leapt from 10th to 7th. Tipsword rises from 63rd to 52nd overall and 11th in Q4. Topping the Q4 leader board is is Dirty024, who's one of six fans to record over 20 points in each of the quarter's first two weeks.

Credits you won are valid immediately toward any tickets in our marketplace.

How it Compares to Other Games
Since 2006, 21 is the 12th most frequent NFL score and 7 is 13th. But fans don't usually predict low point values, making this week's median and average score prediction differentials of 10 and 11.7 very high. This game is in the top 23% of least predictable outcomes in the 194 game history of the pool.

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Only two weeks remain to play and win in the Monday Night Ticket Score, so make your Week 15 prediction now!