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Fan Wins for Second Time This Season in Week 15 of the 2018 Monday Night Ticket Score

One of the rarest plays in the NFL changed the outcome of Week 15 in the 2018 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) and produced the second weekly win this season for one SecondTicket fan.

Congratulations go to kellyp420, whose 24-11 prediction of the New Orleans Saints' 12-9 win over the Carolina Panthers was the best of the week - thanks to one of football's least common plays. With 12 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, the Saints scored a touchdown to make the score 12-7. When they lined up for a two-point conversion, the possible game score combinations were then 14-7 (if the Saints had succeeded), 12-7 (if they had simply failed) or 12-9 (if the Panthers forced a turnover and returned it all the way for a 2-point 'defensive PAT conversion'). Incredibly, that's what happened when the Panthers intercepted the attempt and snatched victory from fan Bakedpotato, who would have won had the score ended 14-7. 

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Fans won $54 in credits redeemable toward any tickets on our site, led by kellyp420's $5 Mega credit. This was kellyp420 second career weekly win, both this season, but the winning point total of 18.5 is the second lowest in pool history and will not be enough to guarantee a $10,000 berth. Credits you won are valid immediately toward any tickets in our marketplace.

There was no change at the top of either the Q4 or season leaderboard, with Dirty024 and jredd1970 holding each spot, respectively. Obviously, both races will conclude next week, and we'll also announce the (10) fans who will play for $10,000 in February.

How it Compares to Other Games
12-9 is far from an NFL Scorigami, but it's still an uncommon score; this was just the NFL's 18th all-time game ending 12-9.

Since 2006, 12 is the 30th most frequent NFL score and 9 is 24th. And because fans don't usually predict low point values, this was the 9th most difficult game to predict in the 195 game history of the pool, with median and average score prediction differentials of 16 and 15.9.

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The NFL does not schedule a Monday night game in week 17 of the season, so next week is the final week of the Monday Night Ticket Score. It's also Christmas Eve, so make your Week 16 prediction early. The Week 16 leaderboard will be live during the game and credits you win will be available immediately (for last minute stocking stuffers, if you wish), but the final report will not come out until December 26th.

Happy Holidays!

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