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First Time Fan Wins First Prize in 12th Annual WayCool Super Ticket Pool

Fans won nearly $600 in free tickets during the 12th annual Way Cool Super Ticket Pool, the lowest amount in the pool's past five years, as the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII. Despite the low total amount, 89% of participating fans won credits.

The lowest scoring Super Bowl in history worked out well for pool champion kforeman0624, a first time pool participant who led all fans with $163 in free tickets ($157 of which never expire). She was one of only 11 fans who correctly picked at least three pool elements: the coin toss (tails, which she missed), first team to score (NE), first type of scoring play (FG) or, most importantly, the minute of the first score (>1Q). The minute of the score is the most difficult and worth the most points; only three fans correctly foresaw that it would occur after the first quarter.

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Usually, though, points earned from score predictions determine the winner, but this year it was points NOT earned that enabled kforeman0624 to hold on. No fans correctly predicted either team's final score, and only two (ciaracz and SPP) were within one point of either team - and they both picked the Rams to win, so they did not benefit from the Winning Team Multiplier. Ultimately, kforeman0624's 23-18 (NE) prediction was the 8th best of the night and, when added to her prop bet points, was good enough to fend off the field. She also takes the early lead in The 2019 Mega Pool.

How Fans Fared in the Pursuit of the $500 Free Ticket Bonus

  1. 29% of fans survived the coin toss
  2. 17% were still alive by picking New England to score first
  3. 6% also survived the first scoring play of a field goal
  4. None of those fans predicted that the first scoring play would occur after the first quarter.

If you won tickets, they are immediately available for redemption toward any tickets in our unique marketplace. Got your eye on a particular sport, concert or theater event? Call us for help or lock them in yourself - and either way, do so with NO SERVICE FEES.

Or, wait until March to earn more in our next pool, the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam. Congratulations again!

2020 WayCool Super Ticket Pool