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Bracket Challenge Opening Weekend Update

Very few big upsets occurred in the opening weekend of the 2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, resulting in 49% of SecondTicket fans participating in the 13th annual Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam winning credits and the first perfect bracket through 48 games ever tracked by the NCAA.

The pool's current leader is fan BADDGUY, who was one of seven fans to correctly predict at least 26 first round games and one of 18 to correctly pick 14 second round games. Only two fans achieved both, the other being 2nd place fan lowen76.

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Incredible Statistics From the Opening Weekend of the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam
The fact that only two of the Sweet 16 teams are lower than a #4 seed (Auburn is a #5 and Oregon is a #12) meant that the average number of correct 2nd round picks was shattered and most fans have most of their teams still alive. Check this out: 

-Historically, fans pick 9.1 winners correctly in round two. This year it was 11.2.
-88% of fans have both their champion and their runner-up still alive. Only 7% lost their champion.
-78% still have ALL FOUR of their Final Four teams.
-40% still even have ALL of their Elite 8 teams! Last year, only 18% had their champion and any five of the other seven elite 8 teams.

Score Predictions Will Matter as Much as Ever
The tight leaderboard underscores the importance of your Final Four and Championship Game score predictions, which account for approximately 30-35% of pool points. Any fan within about 100 points of the lead going into the final weekend is still technically alive in the race for the First Prize. How The Pool Works

Credits won this weekend are valid for redemption toward any tickets on our site, and there are a lot more to be won, so we'll see you again next weekend!