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Fan Leaps from 15th Place to Win the 2019 Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam

The University of Virginia (UVA) and a 4th year SecondTicket fan were the big winners on Monday night as the Mountaineers defeated Texas Tech 85-77 in overtime to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

The champion of the 2019 Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam is Rickie65, who entered Final Four weekend in 15th place, jumped to 7th after Saturday's games, and won the title - and the $121 First Prize worth of free tickets - thanks to UVA's win and solid Final Four score predictions. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Approximately 30% of pool points are available through Final Four score predictions; the other 70% are awarded for bracket picks.)

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Rickie65's semifinal score predictions were 15th best overall, but UVA's win over Auburn narrowed his real competition to four fans in particular. Two of them, Ruggiero51 and Jttrout, also picked UVA in their bracket, and the other two, Heard and kriker, picked Michigan State but were close enough to win with good score predictions. Jttrout started the weekend in 6th place but posted the 60th best score predictions. Ruggiero51 had the 10th best score predictions but came into the weekend in 47th place. Heard entered Saturday in 2nd place but recorded the 39th best score predictions. Kriker came into the Final Four in 34th place and rose to 5th on Saturday - but was doomed by not making a championship game score prediction.

A small consolation for Ruggiero51 is that he now leads the 2019 Mega Pool, several points ahead of Jttrout, rickie65 and Heard. The Mega Pool features a separate $250-500 prize.

In all, fans won a total of $505 in credits that may be redeemed for any tickets in our unique marketplace.

Thank you for playing! The Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam and each of the other contests which compose The Mega Pool help us drive down the cost of live entertainment down for all fans. The next contest is the All-Star Ticket Slam in July. See you then!

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