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American League Wins All-Star Game and First Time Fan Wins All-Star Ticket Slam

A first time SecondTicket pool participant picked two of the three players who hit home runs in the 2019 MLB All-Star Game and rode their backs to a narrow victory in the 12th annual All-Star Ticket Slam (ASTS).

Congratulations to SecondTicket fan Zacharydobs, who scores a total of $137 that may be redeemed for any sport, concert or theater tickets in our unique marketplace. He was the only fan who picked any two of the three All-Stars (Michael Brantley, Charlie Blackmon and Joey Gallo) to hit a home run in the game. Each home run was worth 50 pool points.

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But picking the home run hitters does not guaranteee a pool win, and the victory almost slipped away from Zacharydobs. Points are earned through a player's offensive output AND a multiplier on your player points, the size of which is determined by the accuracy of your prediction of the game's total number of runs, hits and errors (RHE). The closer your RHE prediction, the greater your multiplier. Had there been a combination of just one or two more hits or errors in the final RHE, it would have been enough for one or both of the 2nd and 3rd place finishers (sgreenslate and playitagaindoc) to overtake him. Sgreenslate, in fact, did not pick any home run hitters, but she was one of only two fans to pick three All-Stars who each posted more than 10 points.

How the All-Star Ticket Slam Affects The 2019 Mega Pool
A consolation for Playitagaindoc is that he takes the overall lead in the The 2019 Mega Pool, which comes with its own $250-500 cash prize. This being Zacharydobs' first pool, he debuts in 71st place (out of 217), while previous Mega Pool leader Ruggiero51 drops to 4th. The Mega Pool will be decided between September and December, in the 2019 Monday Night Ticket Score.

How Do Credits Work?
Fans won a total of $518 in the pool and they are valid immediately toward any tickets on our site and are good through January, 2020.

We hope you enjoyed the pool! Your participation helps us reduce the cost of live entertainment for fans like yourself. Thank you for playing!

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