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Q2 Recap: More History Made and a Scoring Rule Change

For the second consecutive quarter, a fan made history in the 2019 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS), and we're announcing a scoring change that will apply beginning in week 9. Congratulations to each of this quarter's weekly winners!

Week 5: San Francisco 31, Cleveland 3
The 49ers were favored by five points, and 69% of fans picked them with average scores of 25.0 - 21.1. SecondTicket fan jredd1970 posted the best prediction of the week, giving her three career wins in 56 weeks, for a 5.4% win rate that is 2nd highest all time among fans who've played at least as often. She and four other fans (Valenti, BeerSlinger, Ticket Scalper and kellyp420) equally split the weekly $50 award.

Week 5 Standings

Q2 Leader: 5-way tie (jredd1970, Valenti, BeerSlinger, Ticket Scalper, kellyp420
Pool leader: jredd1970

Week 6: Green Bay 23, Detroit 22
In a game that was perhaps the best example of why Detroit Lions fans have been so tormented for so long, the Lions snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and made a winner out of midnight4twenty. Had the Lions won the game, the fans who picked them to win would have scored huge points via the winner bonus. Notably, Dread Pirate Dave, the pool's 2nd all-time points leader who finished 5th this week anyway, might have taken the 2019 overall pool lead despite recording zero points in Q1.

The average score predictions were GB 26.8, DET 20.1, a gap larger than the 4 point spread. 89% picked the favored Packers.

Week 6 Standings

Q2 Leader: 2-way tie (jredd1970, kellyp420)
Pool leader: jredd1970

Week 7: New England 33, NY Jets 0
This game illustrates why we're making a slight in-season change to the pool's scoring. SecondTicket fan nina won the week, edging out three others by virtue of an earlier submission. But the best prediction on the basis of point differential belonged to jkulaga23. Beginning in week 9, we are changing the tiebreaker so that lower point differential is applied before the time stamp. In this case, it wouldn't have changed all that much because they still would have scored the same amount of points and credits. But nina is the one who becomes eligible for a shot at $10,000 - although the winning point total of 31.1 probably won't be enough qualify for that either.

The average score predictions were NE 30.7, NYJ 17.1.

According to NFL Scorigami, this was just the 9th time in NFL history that a game ended with the score of 33-0.

Week 7 Standings

Q2 Leader: nina
Pool leader: bbhedrick

Week 8: Pittsburgh 27, Miami 14
This is another game that would have turned the pool standings upside down if the underdog could have sustained its early momentum. Fans BS and heroka finished 1-2 with predictions of 27-13 and 27-15, with BS getting the win on the basis of the earlier submission, but McAdams_Fan and gina5091 led a small group of fans poised to take the overall pool lead if the Dolphins could have pulled the upset. Alas, the Dolphins proved they are one of the worst NFL teams of the last decade.

The average score predictions were PIT 28.3, MIA 14.

Week 8 Standings

Pool leader: midnight4twenty

Quarter 2: Another Fan Makes Pool History
SecondTicket fan nina became the first to win four different quarters, having also won Q1 in 2010, 2015 and 2018. Three other fans have won three quarters (ckmendels, julesschneider and Dirty024). She scores the $16.20 Q2 free ticket bonus. 

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Q3 begins next week with one of the best Monday night games of the season as Seattle plays San Francisco. All fans begin with zero Q3 points, so make your week 9 prediction now!

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