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Q3 Recap: Five Fans Predict Exact Scores and 16 Fans Win Tickets

The first Monday night upset of 2019 and the end of the longest streak in pool history without an exact score prediction match are the stories of Q3 in the 2019 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS). Congratulations to each of this quarter's weekly winners!

Week 9: Dallas 37, NY Giants 18
Long time SecondTicket - and Cowboys fan - 1COWBOYS came thisclose to an exact score prediction of just the second game in NFL history that ended with the score of 37-18. Her 38-19 prediction produced her third career weekly MNTS win and a $12 ticket payout. Honorable mention goes to bbhedrick, whose 35-17 prediction seesawed her back into the overall pool lead.

The game's spread was 6.5 points, and fans clearly took the over, with average score predictions of DAL 27.6, NYG 19.6.

Week 9 Standings

Q3 Leader: 1COWBOYS
Pool leader: bbhedrick

Week 10: Seattle 27, San Francisco 24
The first (and so far, only) upset of the Monday night season, combined with the first exact score matches since week 12 of the 2018 pool, produced the biggest single week point totals since week 8 of 2016. Ldepretto and three other fans (cathil, iJustin007 and BADDGUY) submitted the exact 27-24 prediction but hers was received first, so she gets the weekly win. It virtually guarantees her a chance to be one of 10 fans who will play for $10,000 in February on the basis of the being one of the five highest single-week point totals. (She would go on to win Q3, which definitively guarantees her one of those 10 spots.)

The 13 week stretch without an exact score prediction is the longest such streak in the pool's 13 year history.

Week 10 Standings

Q3 Leader: iJustin007
Pool leader: iJustin007

Week 11: Kansas City 24, LA Chargers 17
SecondTicket fan jredd1970 posts her second weekly win of the season with an exact prediction of the Chiefs' victory. It's her third career weekly win in 60 tries, giving her a 5% weekly win rate that is 2nd highest all-time among fans who've played at least as often. Her 72.1 point total is currently high enough to make her a $10,000 finalist on the basis of being one of the five highest single-week point totals, and there's a good chance that will hold up.

Fans' predictions (KC 28.5, LAC 23.4) mirrored the 5 point spread almost exactly.

Week 11 Standings

Q3 Leader: ldepretto
Pool leader: iJustin007

Week 12: Baltimore 45, LA Rams 6
Only two fans, both first time participants, sniffed either team within three points in just the 6th game in NFL history that ended 45-6. That outcome produced the lowest weekly winning score since week 11 of the 2018 pool. Congratulations to wdm52378, who gets the win, and samiesdm, who split the $50 weekly payout by virtue of being the only two fans to score.

A third first timer, Cmb1218, finished 3rd with arguably the most accurate prediction at 49-10, but this year's scoring structure doesn't reward predictions with greater than a three point difference. Close counts, but you have to at least be within a field goal!

Week 12 Standings

Pool leader: iJustin007

Quarter 3: 4th All-Time MNTS Fan Posts First Quarterly Win
No SecondTicket fan has played the MNTS more often than ldepretto (she and ckmendels are tied for that distinction). She exact matched three of the eight scores, and her 237.1 Q3 points is the highest quarterly point total since Q2 of the 2016 pool. She automatically qualifies as one of 10 fans who will play for $10,000 during the Super Bowl and scores the $15.55 Q3 free ticket bonus. 

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Q4 is one of the best late season schedules for the Monday Night Football franchise in recent years, as three of the four games currently have playoff implications and the week 16 game between Green Bay and Minnesota could decide the NFC North champion. (There are no Monday night games in week 17.) All fans begin with zero Q4 points, so make your week 13 prediction now!

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