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Week 16, Q4 and Season Champions Crowned

The 2019 Monday Night Ticket Score (MNTS) concluded with more than $1,050 in free tickets awarded to 81 different fans. 10 finalists are also scheduled to play for $10,000 by attempting to predict the halftime and final scores of the Super Bowl in February.

Week 13: Seattle 37, Minnesota 30
SecondTicket fan Backyard Squirrels was the only fan to match either team's score, but did so with the wrong winning team and ended up with a low winning point total of 27. His 2nd career weekly win was his first since week 3 of the 2016 pool and netted him $12 in free tickets and the early Q3 lead.

The game's spread was 3.0 points, and fans clearly took the over, with average score predictions of SEA 27.7, MIN 21.7.

Week 13 Standings

Q4 Leader: Backyard Squirrels
Pool leader: iJustin007

Week 14: Philadelphia 23, NY Giants 17
SecondTicket fan johnnynfl posted his first career weekly win with the only exact score prediction of Q4. The 62.7 points turned out to be the 3rd highest winning point total by any fan who did not win the season or a quarter, so it earned him a chance to play for $10,000 during the Super Bowl.

The average score predictions were PHI 26.9, NYG 19.3.

Week 14 Standings

Q4 Leader: johnnynfl
Pool leader: iJustin007

Week 15: New Orleans 34, Indianapolis 7
SecondTicket fan jredd1970 posted her third weekly win of the season and fifth all-time in 64 weeks of participation. That 7.8% winning percentage is the highest among fans who've played at least as often as her.

Fans predicted a Saints blowout, with average score predictions of NO 31, IND 19.1.

Week 15 Standings

Q3 Leader: ldepretto
Pool leader: iJustin007

Week 16: Green Bay 23, Minnesota 10
2016 Mega Pool champion Chilln4425 salvaged his MNTS season by picking the upset and narrowly missing the exact final score with a 24-10 prediction. The Packers' victory triggered the winning team multiplier that produced 108.3 points, giving him the highest weekly score by a fan who didn't win the season or any quarter and securing a berth among the 10 fans who will play for $10,000 in February. It vaulted him from 31st place to 10th.

Week 16 Standings

Pool leader: iJustin007

Quarter 4: Week 16 Runner-Up Scores $10K Berth
SecondTicket fan lostdogs tied Chilln4425 in week 16, only to lose the accompanying $10K berth by virtue of a later time stamp. But he regained the $10K berth by edging Chillin4425 for the Q4 win. He only matched one of eight scores during the quarter (the average is two), but he bested the median and average differentials for quarterly winners (3 vs. 4 and 5.25 vs. 6.125). 

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The remaining $10K winners are posted here, and we'll contact each of you separately once the Super Bowl teams are determined. We hope you enjoyed this year's pool! Happy Holidays and we'll see you in 2020!

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