Win $500 in The Mega Pool

How It Works


Accrue the most points in SecondTicket's 2019 pool schedule to be the Mega Pool champion and SecondTicket's Fan Of The Year. The current pool schedule includes the WayCool Super Ticket Pool, Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam, All-Star Ticket Slam, and Monday Night Ticket Score. SecondTicket reserves the right to add or subtract pools during the year. Participation in any pool automatically enters you into the Mega Pool; no additional registration is necessary.   Official Mega Pool Rules

Prize Schedule

Grand Prize: The Mega Pool winner receives $250-$500 cash, depending on the number of official entries submitted across all pools, and is the Fan Of The Year. The actual amount of the Grand Prize will be equal to $0.25 per official pool entry submitted, with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $500. Official pool entries are defined as a fan's initial pool submission and do not include secondary or ongoing predictions, such as those in the Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam and Monday Night Ticket Score.

Tiebreakers: If multiple fans accrue the same amount of total winning points, the tiebreaker is most points earned in reverse order of pools, beginning with the Monday Night Ticket Score, etc. If a tie still exists, the grand prize will be evenly split.

Scoring Schedule

Each individual pool features its own scoring schedule. The Mega Pool does not feature a separate scoring schedule.

Below are the points available in each pool, the points scored by each pool's 2017 winner, the points scored in each pool by the 2017 Mega Pool champion, and the average number of points scored by fans in each 2017 pool:

Mega Pool Contest Max Points 2018 Winner 2018 Mega Champion 2018 Avg
WayCool Super Ticket Pool 99+ 111 7.4 17.1
Bracket Challenge Ticket Jam 510 220.5 117.7 114.8
All-Star Ticket Slam 800+ 378 378 110.7
Monday Night Ticket Score 800+ 382.2 312.8 146.5


Odds of winning The Mega Pool are conditional upon a fan's predictions in individual pools and the total number of fans playing. In 2018, 512 fans participated.