Ticket Credit Terms & Conditions


Fans at least 18 years of age are eligible to win credits valid toward the subtotal purchase of any tickets on our site. Fans under 18 years of age may create a free account but are ineligible to accrue credits until they turn 18. Upon creation of an eligible new account, you receive a unique discount code and may begin earning an unlimited amount of credits. The subtotal purchase is the cost before service charges, delivery fees or taxes (if applicable).

Types of Credits

Signup Credits - Earned when creating an eligible new account, valid for six months, and good for up to 20% off tickets. Your total credit balance will not exceed the amount of the Signup credit until you have won more than the Signup credit. For example, if you receive $5 for signing up, your total balance will remain $5 until you have won at least $6 of any other credit type or the Signup credit expires.

Performance Credits - Earned for successful predictions within a pool or other actions such as social media engagement or survey participation. Performance credits are valid until the end of the month in which the pool began in the following year. Performance credits are good for up to 20% off tickets and feature a 5x minimum purchase requirement.

Mega Credits - Earned for winning a pool or a specified segment of a pool. Mega credits have no minimum purchase requirement and never expire.

Examples of Credit Redemption

Signup and Performance credits:

  • A $10 credit balance may be applied in full toward a $50 subtotal (before service charges, delivery fees or taxes)
  • If the subtotal is $40, $8 may be applied and $2 remains on your account. Partial redemptions must be done by phone; please call us to redeem only a portion of your balance.

Mega credits:

  • $100 in Mega credits may be applied toward a $100 invoice subtotal (before service charges, delivery fees or taxes)
  • If the subtotal is $75, $75 may be applied and $25 remains on your account.

Other Terms

  • Once earned, credits are available immediately but please allow up to 24 hours for new codes and updated balances to be available online. To redeem credits immediately, please call us.
  • Online purchases require redemption of the entire credit balance. Phone orders do not require a full balance redemption.
  • Credits may not be exchanged for cash.
  • Credits may not be combined or transferred between fans.
  • The only person who may redeem credits is the one to whom the SecondTicket invoice is issued.
  • For phone orders, if multiple events are included on a single invoice, credits may be applied toward each individual event.
  • Credits are valid toward retail purchases only and may not be redeemed toward wholesale purchases.
  • Credits earned via a referral program are limited to one credit per referral period unless otherwise indicated.
  • Individual programs may include additional credits terms not listed herein.
For additional information or if you have questions about these terms and conditions, please  contact us.